Care and Treatment

In Tanzania, EGPAF works with the central laboratory to reduce turnaround time and sensitize staff on early infant diagnosis.

James Pursey/EGPAF

Since 2000, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) has been a global leader in establishing and scaling up comprehensive HIV testing, care and treatment services across sub-Saharan Africa. To secure the long-term health and well-being of HIV-infected individuals and their families, EGPAF focuses on building local ownership of HIV and relevant health and community programs by working with ministries of health and local organizations to expand access to comprehensive and quality HIV testing, care and treatment services and integrate within the framework of other health care and community services across the continuum of care.

Expansion of HIV Care and Treatment Services

Access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in EGPAF-supported settings has significantly expanded in recent years with EGPAF supporting nearly 2,000 HIV care and treatment sites across 14 country programs.  EGPAF continuously support ministries of health and local program implementing partners to expand access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services to even the most hard-to-reach locations through work with community organizations and mobile health clinics. EGPAF supports training for health workers along with ongoing mentorship and supportive supervision to expand the health workforce capacity to diagnose and treat HIV infection, and work closely with patients and the communities in which they reside, ensuring the provision of high-quality, evidence-based services to all affected populations.

Improved Retention and Adherence

Ensuring that clients are retained in care and treatment services and adhering to their ART regimens is of the highest priority to EGPAF. EGPAF trains and mentors health workers and counselors to provide ongoing adherence support to the patients and affected families including pre-ART counseling  prior to initiation of lifelong treatment, empowerment of clients through ART support group sessions, providing psychosocial support services, and organizing and facilitating  peer and family support groups. Special emphasis is placed on training and supporting non-medical facilities and community health workers in follow-up of clients who have missed services or struggled with accessing and maintaining ART. EGPAF also ensures that facilities link clients to the relevant clinical, and social and community-based services such as home-based care, palliative care, prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) services, nutritional clinics, and programs for orphans and vulnerable children.

Service Integration

EGPAF supports the integration of comprehensive HIV services within the overall framework of health care services. In several countries, EGPAF supports HIV/tuberculosis care integration, HIV/syphilis screening, care and treatment, HIV/cervical cancer screening and treatment, as well as family planning and reproductive health and HIV service integration. 

Throughout the framework of care and treatment, EGPAF retains a strong focus on advocacy for women, children and adolescents and drives implementation and expansion of pediatric HIV care and treatment services, for more information, click here.

For more information about EGPAF’s HIV care and treatment initiatives, click here. (French / Portuguese)